My 2014 Japan Tour: day 3 with the Shingo Institute

Nagoya, May 20, 2014

Hello every body,

Today, my third day with the Shingo Institute in Japan, we start the day at 8:00 am with three visits in our agenda:

  1. Visit of the Tsutsumi plant in Toyota City that manufactures, among other hybrid Prius cars
  2. Visit of the Toyota museum in Toyota city
  3. Visit of the Avex plant, tier 2 supplier of Toyota and manufacturer of parts for automatic transmissions
Lean Management Japan tour: Welcome to Tsunami plant by the robot
Lean Management Japan tour: Welcome at Toyota museum in Toyota City, from the  the robot playing trumpet jazz

(Left photo: the Toyota Partner Robot welcomes us at the entrance to the Museum by playing an air trumpet jazz)







Lean Management 2014 Japan tour p11
Lean Management 2014 Japan tour: Toyota slogan « Good Thinking, Good Products »

(Left photo: the Toyota slogan « good thinking, good products » for quality and efficiency)





Lean Management 2014 Japan tour:
Lean Management 2014 Japan tour: Assembly line model of Prius cars production unit with an Andon panel

(Left photo: a model simulating the assembly line of Toyota Prius and a panel of signals called « Andon » in the Tsutsumi plant in Toyota-city)




What I learned today: a lot, I saw the Toyota Production System in application with the « Jidoka » and « Just in time » with a production line of Prius cars set to a Takt time of 83 seconds so all the workstations have 83 seconds to complete their tasks on a passing car on a conveyor (like a trademill).

And then the focus on the human aspect everywhere: for example, in AVEX, one of their three management principles is « Kindness » with the application of « teamwork » and also « do what you decided « . Very impressive.


Talk to you soon

Franck Strub

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