My 2014 Japan Tour: day 4 with the Shingo Institute

Nagoya, May 21, 2014

Hello everyone,

Today is the fourth day of my  » JAPAN TOUR 2014″ with the Shingo Institute. We start the day at 8:00 am with the program two seminars:

  1. Application of Lean Management in the professional time by Mr Daniel Markowitz Timeback President of Management and author of the book  » A Factory of One ». This was very interesting to understand how we can personnally waste our time by not organizing our days.
  2. Lean Culture by Mr Ritsuo Shingo .:

a. Toyota has a culture? yes, and people have a culture of Toyota too…

b . You must create your own  » Toyota Production System  » in your business .

c . It will take time ( years )

d. Gemba ( go see problems where they arrive (at shop floor)

e . Kaizen (improving constantly , continuously)

f . Toyota built a culture with the full participation of all!

g . Meet operators and ask them what they do not like to do in their work , what is hard, painful, and which tasks they hate, ask them what they would like to say to the Management? then do something for them.

The afternoon is spent visiting a JTEKT plant, manufacturer of digital machines and subsidiary of Toyota :

Lean Management 2014 Japan tour: the Jtekt factory
Lean Management 2014 Japan tour: the Jtekt factor

Again this company uses the methods of the Toyota Production System, but what is remarkable is the Respect for people and values around the person as « Sincerity » which are their guiding principles to achieve excellence.


What I learned today:

GEMBA : Go, See and Watch


Practice KAIZEN: Improve, Improve, Improve

Talk to you soon.

Franck Strub

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