My 2014 Japan Tour: day 1 with the Shingo Institute

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A lean Transformation with my nice Cap

My 2014 Japan Tour: 1st day with the Shingo Institute

Nagoya May 18, 2014

Hello everyone,

Today is the first day of the « JAPAN TOUR 2014 » at Shingo Institute.

We begin the course on a Sunday at 9:00 am and will end on Friday at 08 :00 pm. The morning was introduced by Mark Alan Baker, Director of the Partnership of the Shingo Institute with the Utah State University, in the presence of Mr. Ritsuo Shingo, son of the famous Dr. Shigeo Shingo and President of The Institute for Management Improvement.

The day is dedicated to Shingo model for the « Enterprise Excellence » which is based on 10 principles:

Lean Management Shingo Institute guiding principles
Lean Management Shingo Institute guiding principles

The afternoon was hosted by two former Toyota executives who are now trainers:

  • Mr Susumu Minegishi
  • Mr Tadamasa Ishigaki
Lean Management Japan tour p4
Professors and Students at 2014 Shingeo Japan Tour

Picture from left to right: Mr Shingo, Mr Minghini, Mr Susumu Minegeshi, Mr Tadamas Ishigaki, myself

What I learned today: At Toyota, the unit demand (from clients) is produced at Takt time. The Takt Time of a process is calculated monthly and updated only after 15 days and if there is an important change in demand (customer orders). The Takt Time is based on customer demand and the operating hours of their plants.

It means that the production is organized according to the Takt Time with what they call « a flexible workforce line to absorb demand increases/decreases with the production line. »

Talk to you soon

Franck Strub

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