My 2014 Japan Tour: day 6 with the Shingo Institute

Tokyo, May 23, 2014

Hello everyone,

Today is the sixth and last day of « JAPAN TOUR 2014 » with the Shingo Institute. We start the day at 7:15 am with the following program:

  1. Visit of the SANDEN factory a plant that produces vending machines (30% global market share), refrigerating equipments for supermarkets (25% global market share) and of air conditioning systems for car and home (30% global market share), located in AKAGI.
Lean Management 2014 Japan tour: the Sanden Factory in beautiful Mountains
Lean Management 2014 Japan tour: the Sanden Factory in beautiful Mountains

(Left Photo: arrival at the Sanden factory)

What is remarkable in this plant is the willingness of leaders to a factory that makes one with nature. It is also the mark of great respect for people: the CEO of Sanden has located the canteen at the best area of the plant where the view is the most beautiful of the valley, this plant being located atop a hill 700 meters high! Sanden applies the methods TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and STQM (Sanden Total Quality Management) and Kaizen (improvement) and its values are: Challenge, Create, Contribute. Sanden explains Excellence by the top of a mountain to which you climb continuously.

  1. In the afternoon, Seminar with Mr. Hiromitsu Hayashida Consultant and former Manager of Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan presenting us the « Toyota Production System »
Lean Management 2014 Japan tour: Mr
Lean Management 2014 Japan tour: Mr Hiromitsu Hayashida and myself

(Left Pictured: Mr. Hiromitsu Hayashida and myself)






What I learned today:

  1. Respect for human operators in all the visited companies (unlike a priori ideas that we have in Europe, the japanese companies take care of their employees and not the reverse)
  2. Management must constantly improve employee satisfaction and employee work
  3. Always treat the following process as a customer
  4. Doing what is written, by the book without any possible deviation (discipline)
  5. Always his best to lower production costs

This is the last day of my trip to Japan and I am so happy by what I learned and saw there. I recommend you the trip. This is really great discovery and learning in situ of the « Toyota Production System » from a cultural point of view.

Franck Strub

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